It is easy to say, “I have no prejudices,” “I’m not racist, so it’s not relevant to me” or “I did not invite these emigrants.” However, the truth is much more difficult to admit: “Maybe I’m not to blame for what has happened in the past, but I want to ensure that this will not be repeated in the future.”

The public is suffering from racist hostility and increasing intolerance towards minorities. A lot of people in state institutions, non-governmental organizations and local action committees, are working across the continent in order to solve these problems. European Youth Campaign “All different – all equal”, which is fighting racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and intolerance, was created to bring people together to think how to overcome various forms of intolerance. The first campaign started in 1995 and ended in 1996. But the need to continue the work remained. In 2006, the European Youth Campaign “All different – all equal” was initiated for the second time. In 2006-2007 National Agency on Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour and the Ministry of Lithuanian Youth Council implemented the campaign “All different – all equal”. The campaign was implemented in 36 countries of the Council of Europe and focused on three main themes: overcoming discrimination and promoting diversity, human rights and dialogue between cultures and religions, and empowerment of society to actively participate in the development of democracy. The campaign also contributed to the welfare-oriented activities.

After the campaign was conducted, the results showed that the campaign should be continued, and the methods chosen are effective and necessary for developing an active community. After the official end of the campaign the organizers decided to continue the campaign as a part of the program in National Institute for Social Integration.