New methods about the media and its influence in a training for Youth workers

Overcrowded social network’s space, changing digital technologies and distorted reality are promising new challenges. Youth will have to make responsible choices when electing their representatives and building their own state based on information that the critical-thinking will be need to assess and evaluate. In order not to become a tool for politicians, marketers or malicious manipulations, new responses to everyday challenges are needed.

 As a result, the network of 10 partners from UK, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia invites young people and social educators  – people in close contact with the growing generation of citizens – to participate in training that will enrich knowledge about:

  • Effects of youth social media and other media consumption;
  • The problem of bullying in the media and how it can be addressed by youth leaders;
  • Peer educators approach;
  • Strategies for promoting young people’s critical thinking and their integration with young people;
  • Access to media and literacy education;
  • International practice in the field;
  • New ways to connect with young people. 


The trainers are internationally recognised  and with solid experience in this field.

 Training working language- English.

The 5-day training will take place in Antalieptė (Zarasai district), Lithuania in 2018 January 11th – January 14th. The workshop is free of charge, accommodation and meals are included.

 We invite youth workers and social pedagogues from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland to register by November 19th.

Program Partners:

  • The Center for Investigative Journalism Limited (UK)
  • Vytautas Magnus University.
  • Education Development Center.
  • European Youth Press (Germany)
  • Modern Didactis Center.
  • Vilnius Youth Center “We”.
  • Helsingin kaupunki Innovation Center (Finland)
  • The University of Latvia (Latvia)

This training is being announced under the Erasmus+ funded project Media Literacy and Critical Thinking in Youth Work.


Dear youth workers,

We are waiting for your application, if you would like to learn more about critical thinking and media literacy.

Name and surname
Your email
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Your experience in working with youth (years)
Your resume (CV):
Tell us why you would like to participate in this project
Do you have any experience in working with youth? Do you have any experience in peer-to-peer education? A
Your experience working in the informal education field?
Your experience working in the human rights field?
Are you using in your work bookmarks (e.g.: „All diferent –all equal“, Compass ir etc.,)? Have you ever heard or have participated in No hate speech movement? Human library method? All different- all equal campaign? ?
Your expectations from this training?
How you would use these skills and knowledge from this project in your work?
Your international experience ?
Have you ever participated in international trannings?
Participation rules. If you would be selected:

  • You will participate during all tranning.
  • Use your skills in your work.
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