Experience that matters: Rafaela volunteering at \”Ad Hoc:Inconvenient Films\” festivalExperience that matters: Rafaela volunteering at \”Ad Hoc:Inconvenient Films\” festival

Rafaela took an opportunity to broaden her outlook and volunteered at the 7th edition of human rights festival “Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films”, which was held at the end of September. Traditionally, the festival uses award winning documentary films, to raise awareness on human rights issues as well on global as on local levels. Here you can read Rafaela\’s impressions on participating in this event.




When I was told about possibility to volunteer at this festival I joined the volunteering team in no time without any \"IMG_0164\"hesitations. I thought this was a great way to meet new people, learn the ways in which film festivals are organized and of course take a glimpse at the award winning documentaries. 

The festival is run on a non-profit basis and the visitors themselves decide the amount of the entrance fee they are able to pay. That is what makes the festival special to me. It is accessible to all and is held to address very important human rights issues. Some movies might be difficult to watch, but they tell the truth, no matter how inconvenient and disturbing it might appear.

This festival is always supported by about 50 volunteers, performing different tasks. My responsibilities were to welcome visitors at the entrance and check their tickets and voting cards. Voting cards are essential to recognize which movies were most relevant and addressed the most primary issues that concern the audience. Another task is to count the viewers and by the way, the fact worth mentioning – the festival since 2007 has already attracted more than 60 thousand viewers. Really impressive.

As for myself, I saw five documentaries, and the one I liked the most was PLANET KIRSAN (Poland, 2010). The movie documents the everyday lives of citizens from the republic Kalmykia. Apparently, all the citizens even the youngest ones have the same passion – they play chess and see it as the major goal of their life. I never realized such a republic exists, so I was very fascinated and shocked that it actually does. \"DSC_5485\"

And here goes the closing evening at the art-house “Skalvija” : snacks, wine and non-stop chatting and sharing the impressions on the festival and movies. All in all, I am really glad that I took part in this festival and thanks for Viktorija from my hosting organization for recommendations to join it. For me, it was a whole new experience to work in a cinema and a great chance to meet new people and see documentaries on topics that really matter.





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