Seed of Change volunteer Pedro talks about Human Library

Here are some thoughts about Human Library.


Human library is the only project I already knew, before coming to Lithuania. Two times I myself have participated as a living book in a Human library in Mendoza- to tell my personal stories.













This time, last Saturday, I had an opportunity to attend as an assistant, to lend a hand in whatever I was necessary and to observe how the project unfolded. Greta, the coordinator, filled the Euro Hotel with optimism, joy and enthusiasm, each book felt like coming home, even if they did not know any of the people- just like me, I only knew Artur (the Social Taxi driver).

We waited in the hall until all the books came. We went into the living room, where we had some pastries, tea, mineral water, coffee etc. The organization was perfect- everyone who came had an opportunity to look through the catalog and choose the most interesting book- after the selection they had a conversation. As I was not a particular book, neither had a specific role, so I took the opportunity to speak with unoccupied book- there were always between 2 and 4 books free, so I could chat with almost all of the books that attended. This could not have been more useful for me.

I think it was highly satisfactory experience- with several of the books I\’m still in contact through Facebook. I do wish to highlight Vycka Topol, who sat in the wheelchair, covered with all the jackets to keep warm and appeared as a simple guy, but when \”read\” for just 10 minutes, I discovered once again that prejudices are meaningless. He makes art, bodybuilding and dancing. I don\’t want to keep this experience to myself, so I share this video so you can watch it yourself.