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Projektas Rumunijoje ieško dalyvių!

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Promote It, Nonformally is a training course project under the Youth in Action Programme, action “Action 4.3”.

The project is going to be held in Bucharest (Romania) between 22nd -28th of October 2013. PIN aims to gather youth workers from different countries in Romania and implement activities about nonformal side of VDEOR (Visibility, Disemination and Exploitation of the Results). Activities will be implemented within non-formal education learning method.


About PIN

The project \”Promote It, NonFormally\” (PIN) that takes place in Bucharest, Romania, in the autumn of 2013, brings together 20 youth workers from European and Participant at the Programme countries: Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Denmark, UK and Romania. It is a 7 days training course that aims to motivate, handle to them the tools and chance to explore and experience adequate non-formal methods in the visibility and follow up process of the projects, at the exploitation and dissemination of the results of the projects.

The training course will give the participants the opportunity to build up strategies to better promote the results of their projects, thru non-formal methods(as PhotoVoice, FlashMob, RoundTable and more), to experience how to adapt non-formal activities to a large mass of people and to those who are less reached by non-formal methods. The project aims to raise the use of non-formal education in youth projects, and to realize a better and more non-formal visibility and follow up process of youth projects.



Aim and objectives:

The aim of PIN project is to create a framework where youth workers could explore different non-formal methods that could be used and adapted to the visibility and the follow up steps of the projects. The objectives are:

– to motivate, to inform about and to give the opportunity to put in practice non-formal methods in a trial follow up process 20 youth workers from 9 European and Participant at the Programme countries that come from diverse areas of youth work background

– to bring together 20 youth workers from different youth work domains and encourage them to experience non-formal follow up step at local level in Romania

– to provide the information and tools that could facilitate the youth workers to use non-formal activities in the follow up process of the projects

– to create a platform of communication between the direct beneficiaries of PIN and the other youth workers that would like to create a more non-formal follow up

– to motivate direct or indirect beneficiaries of the project to be spoke persons on a honourable base (volunteering), multiplying the effect of the project




PIN Project uses a non-formal methodology based on mind showers, debates, team work, games as energizers and communication skills, drama, flashmobs, roundtables, photovoice, and internet skills, and so on that will encourage the beneficiaries to practice these methods and the ones that are related, and feel confident for future usage. The trainers and organizers will provide a safe and welcoming place for the participants to collaborate and develop creative ideas for implementing adapted methods for the visibility and the follow up process of a project. The interests and the needs of the participants are well integrated in these methodology as the idea of organizing this TC came from the lack of existing a proper preparation for the youth workers in this domain, and the methodology was developed with the partner organizations , so we believe that it meets the objectives of the participants.

The activities will take place in the Centre of Non-formal Education CEnF in Bucharest, this being another way to promote non-formal education.


LANGUAGE: The working language will be English.


Financial issues: Mainly, the project is funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission. It covers 100 % of board and lodging costs during the activity and 70 % of the travel expenses on the basis of maximum amount per country. The travel reimbursement will be at the end of the exchange (boarding passes two ways).

We need your travel tickets(boarding passes two ways) for each person for reimbursement. Please keep your boarding passes with you for each flight to give us. It is very important to have boarding passes for us as we are going to put them in the report of the project. If we don’t receive boarding passes two ways We are not able to reimbursement for flight. We recommend flights to Bucharest.