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Jaunimo mainai “Word enchant … fact conquer: An active citizenship simulation
Orvieto, Italija (liepos 20 – 31 d.) 
Reikalingi 4 dalyviai + 1 grupės vadovas (17 – 25 m.)

Trumpas projekto aprašymas:
The project “Word enchant … fact conquer: An active citizenship simulation” intend to face issue of social exclusion, poverty reduction, integration difficulties and uneasiness. 
Each group participating at the exchange is composed by young people with fewer opportunities due to social, economical, familiar obstacles.
Main objective is to start up a process of personal growth through sharing a collective experience.
By managing and sharing the path, laboratory activities, games of knowledge focused on the methodology of non formal education, the exchange “Words enchant … facts conquer: An active citizenship simulation”, is a real simulation of active citizenship in order to provide participants with new tools useful to cope with certain aspects of their discomfort.
The project is designed so that young people can also give ideas as well as concrete proposals  and experience it during the exchange, so that they can be reproduced in their countries of origin.
It will be a valuable learning experience for the encounter of different cultures and countries in Europe, so far apart.
Partner countries involved in the project are: Italy, Romania, Hungary, Greece and Lithuania.

Dalyviams bus suteiktas apgyvendinimas, maitinimas ir dengiama 70% kelionės išlaidų.

Grupės vadovas turėtų dalyvauti išankstinio planavimo vizite birželio 8 – 10 d. ir vykti kartu su grupe į mainų projektą. Išankstinio planavimo vizito kelionės išlaidos iki 300 eurų dengiamos 100%. Jeigu kelionės kaina didesnė, ją reikėtų padengti iš savų lėšų.



Trumpas projekto aprašymas:

We will invite 30 young leaders from 13 various countries (Armenia, Egypt, Kosovo, Morocco, Serbia, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovak Republic and Spain) to discover that they have a lot to learn from youngsters from other countries, as well as a lot to teach. During the 6 days participants will learn how to improve the quality of their lives and of the planet for future generations and forward this knowledge among their peers.

The aim of our project is to provide youth, as the builders of our future, with the tools to achieve a life that is deeply satisfying, fulfilling, and appealing because it is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible, and with the motivation to spread their findings in their communities. The project\’s objectives are to:

• raise awareness on the impact of our individual and collective actions in the state of the planet,

• give participants the key to a more sustainable and happy lifestyle,

• facilitate the learning and experience-sharing on sustainability issues between youth leaders from different countries,

• foster further transnational cooperation of youth in the field of sustainable development

Dalyviams bus suteiktas apgyvendinimas, maitinimas ir dengiama 70% kelionės išlaidų.


Dalyvavimo abiejuose projektuose mokestis: 10 eurų NSII savanoriams, 15 eurų – kitiems. Su dalyviais bus pasirašomos sutartys, įpareigojančios dalyvius pateikti trumpas projektų ataskaitas – informacinius straipsnelius.